Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 NHVSP Update 2

This second week of our semester, we continued preparing for the expedition. We skied several times, and sewed mitten shells and stuff sacks. We studied tracking, and practiced improving our senses in the outdoors. We named our knives, and had a ceremony for them. We sang songs. We ate, and laughed, and worked. It has been a good week.

Max and Kenya drying jerky for the trail

Journals from the week…

I am worn out and tired. Ahead of me lies a steep uphill climb. My heels are burning and I am sweating. I slowly begin to make my way up. Slow and then a little bit faster. I pick up speed and try to forget the blisters. The hills no longer seem so bad, and I push myself more than ever — I conquer the mountain.

Getting snow after losing all of it was a very joyous thing to wake up to. We may actually get to ski from the farm if it stays cold!
Angus sewing shells for his mittens 

To the stars:

Something is illuminated
within me when you sing,
dark and bright,
in the shining night.


I have been quickly gaining strength from my daily exercise regimen, and have been feeling much healthier.

I’m missing home — soft sheets in a warm bed, spiced milk, dried cranberries, being cold and then getting warm, my family — but that’s okay. There’s so much that is wonderful right here that I am still at peace.

Im happy and healthy and feel like I'm part of something wholesome and different. The sunrise is fiery and the food is hearty. What more could I ask for?
Kerensa at Orchard Hill
Rosa pulling firewood

Drawing tracks during a Naturalist Block
Community service at Orchard Hill
Nap time...

Thank you to the contributors to this update! Sam and Kerensa contributed passages, as well as some lovely anonymous submissions.  Thank you also to Kreston (the apprentice who will accompany us on the expedition) and Emily (our wonderful instructor) for their invaluable help and support in compiling these updates, and to my kind editor, Jenny.
Noah keeping warm

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