Friday, June 7, 2013

NHVSP Update 13

At last the rugged traveling bicycle crew road warriors come home from their raid of the North Country. They arrive safely to their point of origin atop the hill, down in the valley below, in the sod house nestled under the shade of the hemlock trees. We roll in down the hill proud, and overwhelmed by the old sights so long awaited for. Fueled in the last few miles by chocolate and ice cream and the motivation of home, we were glad to be back, and were greeted by corn chowder, goulash and familiar faces. As the hot sun sets into the hills, and sleep sets in, the growing evening dark creeps over us and sends our weary souls to bed.
The twelve days of road touring brought us new sights. We farmed, we fared rain and thunder storms and went to museums, we saw the weather go from freezing cold to scorching hot, and traveled the road to unknown corners of adventure. The mosquitos procreated like mad and repopulated the land with their kind. Onward the brave eleven rode, up the Green Mountains, into the valleys of lush vegetation and down the road home.
We farmed at places of all shapes and sizes. We farmed at Someday Farms, a quaint little spot that became our support away from support, our cheerleaders in eggs and potatoes. We learned about their many chickens and their year round growing season. Much love to Mara and Scout of Someday for all their support and care of us when the rain came down and the thunder ripped the sky. We slept in a cabin that looked much like a powder keg, and met a troupe of authentic farming Jamaicans, while farming the big organic farm, Harlow’s.
Someday Farm
The weather treated us with strange hands. In thunder stormed hard and beautifully, and it got cold and wet like you wouldn’t believe on Memorial Day. We huddled under our dripping tarp, reading books to pass time, eating cream cheese to stay warm. And then, as if all of the sudden the switch was thrown, the sun came and baked us in a steam oven. The humidity rose and the sun got hot, but it was a welcome change.
Climbing Mt Equinox
Riding up the hills to base from Alstead was a familiar sight, and to stave off the heat and to keep ourselves in high condition we swam in every stream and lake on the way. And then it happened. We were there, the last hill rode out and the little valley with the village at the bottom opened up and a small crowd of well-known faces was there. So distinct were the sights, truly how the time has crept up on us so fast. It was just yesterday that it was February with snow, and now the garden grows, flourishing with plant and flower. Much has changed since we’ve been gone, and yet much is the same. We’ve come back to a place we thought we once knew, and now know it in such a different lens. But it is not an unpleasant change at all, for there is much to see, once again as before.                                                                                    

Working at Harlow's

Lunch at Merck Forrest

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